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St. Mark Preschool is a well-established licensed preschool for families with children ages 2 to 5 ½.

We are located on 3942 La Colina Road near Hope Elementary School.
We provide a safe and loving environment where the children can develop a sense of trust and appreciation of their world. The program provides opportunities for group time, free play, and individual attention.

Our well-balanced curriculum is designed to support learning and meet the individual needs of each child in the program. One important part of our curriculum is providing opportunities to enhance social and cooperation skills needed to prepare them for Kindergarten.

We provide several extracurricular activities to support individual interest and learning: dance, music, bible study, art, gardening, science and cooking on a regular basis.

Our dedicated teachers have degrees in E.C.E and are certified in first aid and CPR.

We also have an open door policy for parents to stop in and visit at any time. St. Mark Preschool is a nonprofit preschool sponsored by St. Mark United Methodist Church.

St. Mark Presechool is open year around. Our summer camp program is designed to be fun and light--some weekly educational themes include rain forst, camping, nature, sea life and ocean, water activities, and so much more.

Program Description

The children at St. Mark Preschool are grouped according to age. The school offers a quality early childhood program, designed to enhance creativity, inter-personal and communication skills, and physical coordination appropriate to each age grouping. Since preschoolers are most responsive to activities in which they are involved in a “hands-on” manner, the classrooms are arranged into learning areas wherein the child can choose whether or not to participate. Materials in each classroom are rotated and enhanced frequently to stimulate children’s interest and encourage problem solving skills. Curriculum is child-centered as young children learn best when teachers build on the interests and abilities of the children. This will include activities in communication, science, math, art, social studies, language arts, music, dramatic play, and both small and large muscle coordination. Our program is enriched with class visitors and special events.

Our program focuses on the following areas of development in ways appropriate to each age group:


St. Mark Preschool is a safe, accepting environment in which children can feel comfortable to be themselves. The children experience each other’s special and unique qualities within a loving and supportive atmosphere. Teachers help to build each child’s self-esteem while guiding and positively reinforcing responsible, cooperative behavior. Each classroom will incorporate anti-bias techniques and curriculum to encourage children to understand individual differences.


Our school is based on Christian principals. We have the unique opportunity to not only teach about God’s love and guidance through the Bible, but to model and teach the practical application in our daily lives. Bible stories will be taught on Wednesdays during our regularly scheduled Bible Time. Our values of love, patience, kindness, forgiveness, joy, and humility are modeled throughout the curriculum.


Children learn basic cognitive skills through experience in many activities during play. Many manipulative activities are offered to stimulate cognitive thinking and require the development of problem solving skills. The children enjoy developing these skills with objects for sorting, categorizing, sequencing, counting and quantifying, as well as taking apart and putting objects back together again. Open-ended science questions help children learn how to question for themselves and to be true thinkers.


Children develop pre-reading and writing skills appropriate for their age. Letter and number recognition, expressive and creative drawing, storytelling, journal writing and discussion of events and topics of interest to the children, are all ways in which pre-reading skills are enhanced. Rhymes, chants, and songs are important ways to enhance language development. The children will be exposed to both written and oral language skills.


Children are exposed to the world around them by our developing curriculum of interest based on real life experiences. These interests develop from people, places, and things in a child’s world and are enriched through creative drama, class discussions, science exploration, classroom visitors, and more.

Creative Expression

Children will be given daily opportunities for creative expression and appreciation through art, music, and dramatic play. A wide variety of art media and tools, as well as musical style, form, and function are available for individual and group expression. Our creative rule of thumb is always that the process is more important than the product!

Small/fine Motor

Small muscle skills are developed through daily experiences in cutting, tearing, coloring, painting, scooping, pouring, threading, weaving, connecting, play dough play, fingerplays, action songs, and more.

Gross/large Motor

Movement activities that stimulate large muscle development include walking, skipping, running, marching, jumping, balancing, catching, throwing, dancing, parachute play, climbing, bicycle riding, and more. We will use the indoor classrooms, Clemen’s Hall and the outdoor playground area to develop large motor skills.